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Regimen Day 11 Update



My face became very dried out so I ordered the jobajoba oil (or whatever its called) and have been adding it to my moisturizer and has been helping my dried out skin very well. I also bought the AHA treatment and that has been helping clear the "already formed" pimples. I want to post a description on how I use my regimen in order including the AHA and JobaJoba oil because it has helped a lot, and maybe it will help others. (I do all of this every morning and night)I would first use the cleanser of course. Wait for my face to dry. Use the BP treatment all over the face. Let it dry. Use the AHA only for the spot I have blackheads, starting to form pimples and pimples that have already formed, let that dry, then put 6 drops of the jobajoba oil in my moisturizer, mixed it up then apply to my face all over. This has helped ALOT let me tell ya. Its a lot of work of course but if you want that 100% clear skin, you HAVE to work at it. Hope this helps. Check out my other blogs for my progress and add me as a firend if you want to be aware of my updates.....thanks Heather<3

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