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(Day 1) 1 Step To Curing My Acne



So day 1 coming to an end, well its been good so far I've drank at least 4 glasses of water today. I didn't want to force myself to drink more, I just drink when I need it or feel the need to.

I got a few pimples on my lower jaw and I don't mean 1 or 2 I mean a few!. That put me in a bad mood for a bit because I thought why is it I'm getting acne on my 1st water day fast with out even eating anything, but then I remembered it also takes up to 3 days for acne to form so that put me back at a steady mood.

I would see why I might have gotten new acne because the day before I started this 60 day diet cleanse I ate dairy and a few other things I wasn't supposed to.

I was almost tempted to eat TODAY, out of all days it was today my mom decided to cook her traditional fried rice and I LOVE IT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. So turning that down was a stepping point for me, I'm actually proud of myself for doing that because it shows how serious I'am with this Challenger and getting rid of my acne.

But overall no new acne as formed today other that the ones underneath my jawline (it really hurts), not feeling hungry, doing fine. I'm also going to take garlic supplements because it also helps you eliminate parasites that might be in your body while doing this cleanse.

Just to say, I don't wash my face with any soap or any lotion, basically anything with a added chemical in it. All I wash my face with his honey for its antibacterial effects. Also honey makes my face look allot better actually 5x better.

So, see you guys tomorrow

and good luck to me ;)

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