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18 Days



My facial skin seems to be adjusting to the full pump of BP which is really nice :). I may be able to increase to one pump and a half on Thursday. It will take me a little longer to be able to use the full amount of BP but I am ok with that. I'd rather wait a lil longer and keep my skin under average control than jump too fast and end up looking like a snake. I do not have that many noticeable actives, maybe 6-7 on my entire face, but I have rather bad hyperpigmentation, especially on my cheeks. Each step at a time, will deal with that later on... :)

The rash on my neck is still really bad. I do not know how long it will last but I know that BP won't ever touch that part of my body again except for spot treating. It seems to be a little better with all the heavy moisturizer I apply several times a day. It starts to peel in "brownish" flakes because my skin is so dried and damaged there. I gently massage jojoba oil every night and remove it in circular motion with a wet washcloth. It exfoliates some of the extra flakes and help the moisture to get locked in. My skin was so dried and damaged last week that nothing seems to be able to penetrate. I now better understand what people call the tan effect when using the regimen; in my case it is only extreme dryness that make the upper layers of my skin crusty looking hence slightly more tanned than the rest of my skin.

That is it. See you :)


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