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Waiting For The Regimen



I started getting acne around 5th or 6th grade just on my forhead. and as I got older it spread to my chin and my nose. Then a couple years agoi (im 21 now) it lightened up a little bit but im still not comfortable without make up. I have moderate acne now. I do get a lot of white heads on my T Zone and I have blackhead on my nose. I recently started breaking out on my cheeks and I wanted to find a solution before it gets worse because my aveeno products where just NOT WORKING. Ive done tons of research online including google, youtube, facebook etc and I came across the regimen and the website. I seen all the great reviews, it was kinda "to good to be true" kinda thing. I ordered the regimen on 12-2-2013 and it should be here on 12-11-2013. Im so excited I cant wait! I want to feel beautiful with and without make up. I hope it gets away my acne, blackheads, and MAYBE scarring! I haven't seen a post about it taking away scarring but I hope it does! I plan to do a weekly blog just to keep myself and anyone else posted about my experience.

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