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Finished Accutane!



Hey all,

So I'm finally finished with my accutane treatment and I couldn't be HAPPIER!! I have been on absorica 30 mg twice daily for five months. I did a good job at not missing any doses (the last month-November-I didn't do as good of a job, mostly because of the college schedule :/)

I'd like to say that I think accutane is LITERALLY a miracle drug. I had heard people say it was amazing but I thought that it would just work ok. I am AMAZED at how well it has actually prevented pimples and blackheads and such to come up during my treatment. All throughout the treatment, accutane worked to get rid of literally every blemish I had on my skin. Nothing new ever popped up actually. The first two months were TERRIBLE, literally terrible, but if you can get through it the last 3 months are really nice. I get compliments on my skin ALL THE TIME and I feel so much happier and look so much happier.

Now that I am finished, I have to sit back and relax and cross my fingers. And definitely WASH MY FACE/makeup off before I go to bed, which I was never good at to begin with, but now I know that it is a necessity.

Once again, I literally recommend accutane to anyone and everyone who has been consistently frustrated with acne. Do take it seriously though and obviously drink the proper amount of liquids, etc, and have enough time spaced out between each doses because it is a very serious drug. My triglycerides are higher than normal this last months but the derm says this is normal. Otherwise I have had no other internal side effects. Dry skin is definitely going to happen. I had eczema breakouts a few times on my arms but it was easily treated with medicine. Dry lips= AQUAPHOR! That stuff works amazing. I even get compliments on my lips all the time, when in reality they are superrr drying without the aquaphor. I keep it on 24/7, literally.

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Glad to hear accutane worked for you! I'm trying to get through the first 2 months - you are right, they are terrible!!!

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