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Day 53



The left side of my face looks okay as does my forehead and nose. It's been 5 days now and the zit on my chin still hasn't cleared up. It's being really stubborn. And it still hurts! I've been treating it with BP a minimum of twice a day and I have been using tea tree oil for two nights now. I even iced it the one night. Needless to say, the skin surrounding the area is really dry, making it look a lot worse. It doesn't matter how much I moisturize. Also two nights ago, I picked at my skin....huge mistake. I tried to squeeze out a clogged pore with a Q tip and made it worse because the skin rubbed off. Now I have a weird discolored patch of skin that resembles a burn. It's very difficult to cover with makeup. Luckily, it looks like it's scabbing over and I've been moisturizing it, hoping it will look a little better in the morning.

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