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16 Days



My neck is still a messy itchy rash sad.png. I went to a pharmacy to have a more medicated piece of advice on how to treat that and each time the reaction of the physicists was "ouch". Yes! Ouch... Anyway it seems just a little bit better, it itches still but it starts to peel and the skin underneath seems ok.

Other than that, my right cheek has broken out and I have two cysts on my forehead sad.png. Right now my acne is slightly worse than when I started the regimen. I have to say I find it really annoying but as one of my cheek is nearly healed I will stick for at least a month before giving up.

I also tried to spot treat the biggest pimples/zit with the recommended combination of BP and AHA and OMG it burns like nothing else I have ever experienced... My skin is in a pretty painful state right now even if I upgrade my cleanser and my moisturizer.

That is it for today. I will try to update only once every two days. I hope to have better news by then and see a little bit more if my skin is on better tracks. I am pretty sure I will not be clear by Christmas which is a pain. I have to be patient. I think I could be if I were sure it would work but no one knows....

See you smile.png


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