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Week 5



Unfortunately I have not made as much progress as I was hoping for by the beginning of month two. The texture of my skin has vastly improved, can almost feel soft at some times. The pimples that are coming up are really tiny, but the bigger ones that I had been dealing with from the IB have no vanished yet, they take forever! I am taking 20mg a day but I think I need to increase my dose, which I will try to do with my derma in a couple weeks. I am hoping that in the next few weeks I will start to see change, since I hear month two is pretty good for most people. Hardly any side effects besides dry lips. Skin is not getting oily which is nice, but it is a lot redder than usual. Pimples are more pronounced because of this. Blackheads seem to be getting better as well. But the sides of my checks down to my chin are still a problem area, as well as the top top of my forehead has started breaking out which it never did before. Fingers-crossed that improvement continues, but I wish it was happening faster!

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