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Winter Skin And Blackheads

My skin has been relatively clear until the temperature started getting much cooler. Seems like every time this year all my pores and I mean EVERY pore becomes clogged with blackheads. I can even see extremely tiny pores clogged along my jawline (and yes I have a bad habit of analyzing every inch of my skin) which have been causing painful whiteheads to form there. I've tried tazaorc at night to clear them, doesn't work. I tried using Paula's choice 2% bha and that had no effect on them so I think my only option is to try to manually remove this nastiness. I've been using Boscia's black mask which is a peel off mask kind of like biore strips once a week and also murad blackhead clearing duo which actually are showing some promise. After using those I alternate using the 2.5% bp during the day and .05% tazaorc at night, unless my skin starts to sting some and then I don't apply either. I also started taking a multivitamin again and upped my vitamin D3 to 4000. My skin is looking clearer even after a week but we'll see....

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