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    494 Shipping Issue


386 views has been my holy grail skincare product and I have been buying since July, every month. I am thankful for what they have done...but recently I had ordered a shipment. The date was November 21st when I ordered. It was early in the morning. I never got a confirmation email or anything...and I also ordered expedited shipping (3-6 days). I live in Nashville Tennessee..and My products are not even here yet and today is December 3rd. I ma very dissapointed in had to go to the drugstore and buy some dupes that costed me 20 bucks..when I already paid 50 for the products... I never order last minute, I order when my stuff starts getting low...I have used up all the products and even cut open the treatment tube and scraped the sides so I would have treatment...I shouldn't have had to do this and I am very very disappointed in I tracked the shipment and it says it arrived in Nashville the 2nd, well it isn't here today..I hope it will be here tomorrow.

I also emailed about this on November 30th, and I haven't recieved a reply back..

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