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1 Full Pump Of Bp!



What more can I say? Nothing really to be honest. I reached one full pump of BP tonight for my bedtime application and it did not change much except it took a lil more massaging to sink in. That being said, no itching, no redness, nothing... I am starting to wonder if it still does something for my skin. The tingling/itching means pimple healing in my opinion so even if I sound like a weirdo saying that, I found it reassuring. Bacteria were dying and I was making progress. As I do not feel that anymore, is my skin still improving? Will have to wait to know I think :P

Anyway I am happy that I do not suffer from classical BP secondary effects. And for now I do not have bleached anything! Yeah for me :) My acne seems to be under control, no new breakouts since I started the Regimen, the few ones that get inflamed are healing. On its way to clear skin most probably...

I still deal with a huge amount of clogged pores and blackheads but I do not have high hopes in that department for now. Maybe when the AHA kick in by the end of next month it will help with rough skin texture. I am also lucky that even my hyperpigmentation seems to fade with the use of BP. Some people argue on that but for me it seems to help.

I will try to put up close pictures of my breaking out areas this weekend to better check how they evolve but for now I must say that the Regimen has worked faster than anything else on my mild to moderate acne.

See you :)


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