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Tca Peel, 12.5% Day Two



Day two was a breeze. Last night I washed my face with the Green Tea Cleanser, put on a relatively heavy layer of Neosporin, and went to bed. When I woke up, I repeated the wash and put on a very thin layer of Neosporin and topped it off with an Oil-Free moisturizer with SPF 30. I proceeded to get ready for my day, allowed the stuff on my face to absorb a little, and followed my regular makeup routine of foundation, powder, blush, and eye makeup.

I went through the entire day just fine. No swelling, no redness, and very little itching as if I had done nothing the previous day. When I came home around seven, I washed with the Green Tea Cleanser, added a thin layer of Neosporin, and went to bed around ten, having completed a successful Day Two.

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