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Over One Month In

I hate being too positive and I hate getting excited and the past few days I've been really down and panicking about my skin (I don't know why?) but I've seen a big improvement.

My skin seems glowy and nice around my cheekbones and forehead. My cheeks stopped breaking out a while ago.

I do have a small cluster of cysts around my lower chin/jawline (about 4/5 small ones) on my right side (My right side has caused me the most grief. It always is this side that breaks out the worst ...anyone know why this could be?). I think this is why I have been panicking. I don't know if this is old cysts that are being pushed out or new cysts? Either way they are smaller, less painful, and seem to be somewhat 'flatter' on my face.

I have red marks left over from my bad breakout.

I also stopped taking saw palmetto because realistically I want to be on as few herbs as possible...also I'm scared of weight gain. but now since I got this small cluster of cysts maybe I should start up on it again?

I'll post some pics soon.

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