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Day 63--Plateau



Yesterday was the two month mark, and tomorrow marks 40% of the way through treatment.

I haven't seen any sort of results in the past month. Sure, my face and lips have dried up (not terribly), but I still have acne on my face. I'm ready to wake up and be clear like everyone else...

My face is dry and a little flaky. I keep getting cystic acne. It is definitely at its worst the week leading up to my lady time. I know I keep saying that I think my acne is "getting better" and "hopefully it's all downhill from here" but it just isn't happening for me yet. I know that this is the way that Accutane works. Most people don't see real results for at least 2 months, right? Well, it's been 2 months now and I'm ready!!! If I hit the 3 month mark without any results, I don't know what I'll do. I can't quit now.

On the bright side, my chest and back have been 100% clear for some time now. Those areas cleared up almost immediately. Although, the acne I used to get there was mild (but persistent)..

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