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Day Of My Dermatologist Appointment!



My first Dermatologist appointment went pretty well (:

My skin was super dry and flakey today, thanks to Proaciv. ugh. I also woke up with three new spots on my face.. total bummer.

ANyways, My doctor was super sweet and nice! She walked into the room looked at me, and told me how beautiful she thought I was. Self esteem boost.. yay!! she agreed that my acne was mild to moderate, and she ended up prescribing me Acanya acne gel. She also told me to start washing my face with cetaphial antibacterial soap, which she also mentioned could make a significant difference in my acne (I doubt it, but we will see.) I have to wait a week before I get my Acanya, which sucks, but if I would have gotten it from my local pharmacy it would have been 300$ with insurance, so I suppose it's worth the wait. My next appointment is in 6 weeks to see how the medication is working.

I looked up some reviews and have heard excellent reviews, so I'm very optimistic!

I hope for the best, but if at first I do not succeed, will try and try again.

- Lyns

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The trick is to stick with the products! Even if you think they aren't working or your acne is getting worse just keep using them! You wont really know the results for awhile because they tend not work for a few months! Good luck!

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