Acne All Gone And This Is How!



Hey guys,

I've had mild acne for years on my face. Its nasty and gross!! I have tried EVERYTHING! but nothing would work. Some products would work but then once i stop using them BAMM! acne comes back all over again! and others were OVERLY DRYING! YUCK!

I went to a dermatologist who recommended me ALRYIA


7 Things you need for your regime.

1. Clarifying Cleanser from Alyria (am/pm)

2. Clarifying Exofliating Solution from Alyria (am only)

3. Oil Free Hydrating Lotion from Alyria (am only)

4. Acne Retinol Complex from Alryia (pm only)

5. IDEAL moisture - EVEN TONE from Lo'real Paris (am only)

6. Patience ( depending on severity of acne)

7. Make sure you do not miss a day

It took me about 2 months to clear my skin and i noticed a difference first time in a week of use. These products are a little expensive but it lasts you 3 months and its worth it!

How to get this product:

go to :

Click on: Where to buy

** This product is only sold at dermatologist offices

IF you have any questions just message me and i'll try to get back at you as soon as possible.


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