Day 15 Absorica (Accutane)



As far as the acne goes, it really hasn't changed much at all. Maybe slightly better than normal, but not much of a difference. However, the side effects have become much more apparent. I lips are extremely chapped, and I have dry skin all over my face. I'm going to buy some chapstick tonight, because I lost the ones that my doctor gave me. Also the part about the drinking while taking Absorica being a bad idea is somewhat true. As far as I can tell, nothing too bad happens if I'm just drinking beer. But after a tournament in Arkansas this past weekend, I drank beer as well as hard liquor at the social afterwords. The effects were twice as powerful as they had been in the past. The next morning I woke up feeling way worse than I would have, had I not been taking Absorica. That's really the only new things that I have to update.


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