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5 Days Into Minocycline & Epiduo



So the derm prescribed me epiduo and minocycline 100mg. So I'm taking the MC 100mg every morning once a day an hour after breakfast. I used the epiduo every night after I shower/cleanse for about 4 days. Pea size amount for the whole face. The epiduo really dried my skin out so I'm using it as a spot treatment for now. I might start using it maybe 30min after I moisturize at night before bed. The first 3 days I did experience side effects from the MC, head ache, nausea, dizziness, and blurred vision. On the fourth day everything seemed better. It's been a 5 days now and I see some changes. I did break out a little considering the fact the the MC is supposed to kick all the bacteria out. I noticed that some zits I had before came back maybe because I didnt pop them correctly therefore the bacteria that was left got pushed out. My breakouts are a little smaller/reduced In size. It feels as if my break outs take longer to rise to a white head than before. I'm thinking it's because of the epiduo. I tried Cereva products but cetaphil works better for me. Well if you guys/girls have some Qs feel free or if you want to let me know into some advice that will be awesome. Peace N love by the way.


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