Day Four

mr. matt


I woke up this morning and could feel that my face was feeling extremely tight.

I had used warm compresses on my face last night to help expedite the peeling process and, apparently, it worked.

I have massive peeling right now - I sort of look like 'snake man'. My face is peeling off in sheets.

A 25% TCA peel is, by far, the most effective and deepest peel that I have ever done. This is my fourth peel and my skin has reacted exactly the way it has with my previous three peels.

My wife and I are supposed to go to a social event this evening, so I am hoping that my face will have completed most of its peeling by tonight. I've found that taking a warm shower or using warm compresses does help to expedite the peeling process.

The attached photo will show you how the skin peels in 'sheets'.


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