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Hello everyone,

I've came across this website & have found it quite interesting. I don't feel so alone with my acne, I've read lots of similar stories! I hope to find treatments & even more stories that can help me with my journey with acne. I've been suffering from acne for about 8 years now. Just like everybody else I've tired everything. I can never find a happy medium with my acne & i can truly say there is not one day that i have been happy with my skin (sadly). I'm actually attempting to change my diet & use some natural products to heal my skin. I would appreciate encouragement & tips if anybody is willing to offer.



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Hey here are some tips that greatly improved my acne, acne size, and overal mood and enthusiam for life

1. Sign up for a gym or excerise as much as you can. Run around a track, go biking, go hiking, just get out and be active. Get that blood flowing through your body!

2. EAT CLEAN! Minimal dairy, low sodium, NO processed sugars! Eat whole foods, ALOT of fiber, ALOT of vegetables, and fruits. (be careful with some fruits though, many tend to break me out)

3. Don't over wash/dry your face. Use a gental cleanser like cetephil.

4. Use a mosturizer (nonhyoallergenic)

5. SLEEP! Get your rest, this is when your body/skin heals itself.

6. Just try not to stress, stressing is bad for the body and doesn't allow it to heal its self properly.


You have to really want it, if you cant get yourself to exercise then you dont really want it

If you can't find time to learn how to eat clean then you dont really want it

Goodluck, i just started accutane a week ago, but before that when i followed those simple principles my face was basically clear.

Hope these tips help!

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