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My Story With Derma Roller (Before And After)

For a woman looking as old as 45 at the age of 35 is not a bit complementing. I was shattered and losing my confidence when people wouldn’t believe I was only 35. My skin had already started to sag, wrinkles had started to appear, and it lost its youth in a jiffy.

So, here my story:


Before derma rolling

I’m a cab driver and remain on the road for most part of the year, often making long distance trips. Being out in the sun and the hard labor of driving had left my skin damaged and lifeless.

When I started noticing my skin I realized the damage was extensive and would need something strong. I consulted a number of dermatologists, some suggested laser resurfacing, and others would claim to treat the skin with surgery; while the remaining would advise the use of anti-aging serums and products.

Lasering was terrifying, and doctors had told me that after the laser treatment I will have to stay away from the sun or it might lead to greater pigmentation of the skin. Worried about having to give up my occupation, I dropped this option.

Surgery too is scary and I used serums and other products, but they wouldn’t work!

Fortunately at this time I drove a dermatologist around the city and got chatting about my problem. He suggested I visit him and he’d show me what derma rolling could do for my skin.


After Derma Rolling

Giving myself one more try, I went to the doctor’s clinic the next week. He explained to me everything about derma rolling and skin needling, and so my derma rolling sessions began. This was my schedule:

  • Twice a week my face was rolled with needle length 2.00mm. My skin would roast after each session; it would look inflamed and swollen for a few hours. This he said was done to enhance collagen production.
  • In between the doctor would roll my skin twice with needle length 0.50 mm. This he told was essential for opening the skin pores to allow better absorption of essential skin serums.
  • I followed this routine for two months.
  • Now I use a 0.5mm derma roller each week twice at home to keep up the results.

    The final results on my skin, well this is what happened

    • In the very first week my skin started feeling lighter and supply
    • By the end of the third week I had noticed dark spots from sun damage disappearing
    • By the end of the fourth week my face not only looked fairer than before, but also felt softer and supple.
    • At the end of the six week, I finally got complemented by my husband that I look like I’m only 25. (the biggest achievement)

    Now I take more care of my skin, cover my face and drive the cab. I use loads of sunscreen, use other skin nourishing serums, and also derma roll my skin once a week to keep up the good effects.

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