A Little Background....



Here's a little background fo the things I've tied and what I think of them.

1) Over-the-counter (Nuetrogena, Clearisil, Clean and Clear) - Honestly, they all work the same for me. Nothing changes, they just keep me steady at my moderate acne.

2) Proactiv - Terrible. Dried out my skin so bad to the point where I could not even keep it from flaking no matter how much I moisturized. And it did nothing to clear my acne. But whenever I stopped using it, I began to break out worse. Whoopee.

3) Minocyclin - Perscribed and worked really well for body acne and decent for face acne. I liked it alot but whenever I stopped using it, I began to breakout again and whenever I started using it again, it just didn't work this time.

So now I'm on Epiduo. I'll let you know how it all turns out. Because now as an adult, I have acne worse than I ever did as a teenager, and as years pass, it only has gotten worse and spread to my whole body.


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