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Hello every one, I moment ago i was at a nearby local mall, so i found this product i had never tried before, "Garnier pure active 3 in 1" and "Garnier pure active oil remover cleansing toner", i have tried the 3 in 1 wash and scrub , it feels amazing..

but the thing is am a little bet afraid of using the cleansing toner, though i have tried many things before i found, and i don't want to miss up what have i accomplished ...

Does anyone recommend using "GARNIER oil remover cleansing toner" ????

sry for wasting your time on the story up there :D

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I am currently using garnier pure active intensive anti spot exfoliating scrub. 
It is great I love it been using two weeks my acne scars improving my face is smooth no lumps in my skin. I'm now on all this range and it's fantastic would highly recommend for acne or spot prone skin 

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