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Day 32 Finacea



I am still using Finacea, twice daily. Some things I have noticed so far:

>Tingling sensation still apparent on application, is annoying but goes away within 5 to 10 mins.

>My skin on cheeks is clearer and softer - blemishes remain in t-zone

>Still getting breakouts but no major 'clusters', and pimples seem to heal faster

>I have bought some 'clean and clear oil free moisturiser' for around $7.00, I use it every couple of days if my skin is feeling too tight

>At day 32 I have nearly finished the tube of Finacea, so it looks as though this will cost me around $25.00 every 4-5 weeks

>My skin has a white/creamy appearance. It feels softer and stronger

This product does not give the immediate results that I had with Benzac AC, although, so far it is good, as I am seeing some results.

If you want to try, you definately have to give it at least couple of weeks to get past the 'purging' stage - so far I am not sure if I would reccommend. I can see results, but my skin is tight feeling; it stings when you apply; is expensive; and takes a while to work;and have to remember to apply twice every day. I will keep going with it though.

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