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I Like...



I'm a pretty pessimistic person. However, that doesn't stop me from looking at the brighter side of things once in awhile. Have you ever been ask what feature you liked about yourself the best? I'm pretty sure most people take a little while to answer that question compared to this one: What is your least favorite feature about yourself?

The latter question is probably a lot easier to answer for a lot of people unfortunately. I grew up damn awkward and always compared myself to person X and Y. I never really paused for a moment until I was a bit older to reevaluate myself. Everyone has something going for them but what do you like most about your self?

I'll be superficial and let you know two of the things I freaking know I'm blessed with - awesome hair and lips.My hair low maintenance but looks damn nice without any effort. I get compliments and questions on what shampoo I use from customers at work. My secret? Baby shampoo.

And wtf about lips. Well it's always something I've liked about myself actually. I've never had a complaint about them and putting on lipstick/stain/gloss is fun okay?

Before - Bare


After - Tinted Lip balm


A healthy lookin' shine!

Best part about lip products? They cater to all budgets!


Clinique Chubby stick in Chunky Cherry - $16

Elf Tinted lip balm in Grapefruit - $1

I won't even tell you guys which one I'm wearing in my picture. There's really no difference between the two.

So just as a reminder, the point of this post wasn't to brag about my favorite traits (okay maybe a little but it's my blog wah!). It's to show you that everyone, yes that includes you, has something going for them. Doesn't matter if you have acne. You have nice hair, style, clothes, personality, whatever it is - it's something you should feel good about. And if you still insist that you have nothing going for yourself then take this - you've made it this far in your life through highs and lows. It would be a shame to let all that time and effort go unappreciated.

Other updates

Earlier this month I started using AHA+. I have been hesitant to use it since the first time I did my skin just dried up terribly. I'll be sure to do a future post on how that's going on. School and work has kept me busy but I'll remember to check back in occasionally. Good luck and see you guys later!

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