Switching To Retin-A

So I guess prolonged use of Bemzoyl Peroxide can cause your skin to age way faster! Well that suck cause I just got my skin under control thanks to the BP! Hopefully my skin works well with this new stuff! If any of you use it can you let me know what symptoms or results you had?! That would be awesome! Cause I'm nervous about going through another peeling phase... Just recovered from the last one using BP.....screw you acne!

Also for people that are looking for full coverage foundation, that stays on oily skin as good as it can, I use the kat von d lock it tattoo. There's a video up on my channel:

And I use it so you can see the coverage. My skin is looking its best right now, and all the redness is pretty much gone so hopefully switching products won't be to much of a set back.....fingers crossed! I'll be posting pictures as well as a vlog soon :)


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