Day 9 Accutane!



So ive been put on accutane and im so happy, I have very mild acne I get the main bits ob my cheeks but have lots of little bumps all over my face and have big black heads all over my face back and chest I feel I one big pore!

With not having the worst acne I had to beg and I mean beg my derm to let me have it my view I I looked in to it for a few months before I know how serious it is and I nobit come with risks and im willing to take it sobjust let me right?

Im very self conscious as it is so having bad skin just made it worse and I dont want to feel ugky all the time so im doing it yaaaay

So im now on day nine on 30mg daily im going to keep my blog so I can see my progress in writting

As of yet I dont really have any bad side effects lips are getting dry skin is a bit but rhe main on is my scalp is soo itchy its driving me mad anyone else find this?

Ill put some pic up soon too!


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