Day Four Of Paula's Choice

I was pretty upset yesterday.. my skin was ultra irritated and washing my face at the end of the night was something from a horror film. Everywhere I put any sort of product was red and spotty.

Then this morning I came to accept that it was ultimately getting better.. the weird breakouts (I'm sure it's the purging stage) around my mouth are mostly clear and everything looks calmer. It takes a while to see results, I keep telling myself.

I think I will stick with this kit until the end but if I am not 100% happy with it I will go back to my old ways of using basically nothing to treat the blemishes - or witch hazel. I think I'm allergic to aloe vera.. seriously?!

But I will definitely be purchasing the pore normalizing cleanser in the full size bottle. This stuff is amazing!

I'll get a full blown allergy test within the month but until then I will avoid anything I think will remotely cause a reaction.

And now I'm babbling. And in need of a foundation that doesn't make my face freak out. Ahhhhh. Off I go!

x x Stephanie

P.S. I totally drank two diet cokes last night.. and today I had a Sprite. :X


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