Day 8 Finacea



Day 8, my face is still adjusting to gel. I tried using only once a day, on alternate days and this has reduced the redness. I also covered my face in aloe vera gel, (about half an hour after apllying Finacea) and the redness and stinging went away almost completely.

Have just been using a mild soap to wash or just plain water, but I am finding my skin is feeling tight and un-nourished. The aloe works well for this, but doesn't leave my skin feeling as elastic/supple as it would with a cream moisturiser. Need a good oil free moisturiser without too many chemicals.

Overall, my skin has not improved visibly. It does feel softer and I think pores have reduced in size, but still lots of acne.

My rosacea is about the same as well, maybe tiny improvement.

I will keep persisting and see how it goes.


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