Week 2 And A Couple



I decided to do weekly entries from now on :)

So week 2 I got horrid new cysts four on my left cheek and three on my right !! But they are drying up pretty well. I attacked them with BP and clindmycin applications!

The BP Sstarted burning my face yesterday so I'm just doing spot applications with BP and applying clindmycin to my face twice a day once in the morning and then before going to bed ! I apply the BP in the afternoon only on the cysts .

Plus I started amoxicillin 625 mg twice a day !

I also added tea tree oil to my steam water and I dunno what it has done but it does have germ fighting and drying effects so I guess it helped dry my cysts ??? I really don't know . But as it has done no harm I'm gonna continue adding it :)

Side effects

Apart from that my lips are really really dry and I have to reapply lip balm every two hours or so.. And I'm consuming a lot of water !!

Oh also I got my period like 10 day early !! Which is because of the isotretinoin (accutane)

No other side effects :)

Temptations : I did eat a lot of chocolate this week but I'm gonna stop now .. I dunno what got into me but I just craved chocolate and couldn't resist .. :P

Until next week :) have a nice day :)


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