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Accutane Day 5, Nothing Yet



today is the start of day 5. just took my 40mg that i take in the morning, i will take my other 30mg with dinner. i have not noticed anything yet. i have been using chapstick like its my job to not only get used to putting it on all the time since i never use that stuff, and to also combat any drying that may start. i dont want side effects but im waiting for them to start. anyone know when they are supposed to start? i was at an amusement park the last couple days and wore strong sun screen. i do not normally wear spf 50 kids sun screen for sensitive skin, but i dont want to take the chance of burning even on day 5 of my meds. ill post in a couple days again. ask my any questions or leave me some insight if you can please!! =)

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First off, good luck with the course. It may get rough but it'll be we'll worth it in the end. Generally people start noticing side effects after a week or two but everyone is different so could be later or even never for you.

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