Okay so I had Acne as a teenager and it sort of disappeared on its own without doing anything ... Which was really really great !

But now a month back after almost a year of no acne at all it returned with a vengeance:/

Pimples all over my face not even forehead spared. ..

So I decided to take isotretinoin ( accutane)

Today is day 4

My derm put me on 40 mg a day

My pimples have pretty much dried out.. and some are on the process of drying.. no new pimples for sure!

Side effects : I got a bad cold after the days I'm not sure if it's because of the accutane or what... cuz it does dry out the nose .. so I dunno. ..

Apart from that the dry skin

I also use adapalene gel to be applied at night as it makes your skin sensitive to light in talking seriously sensitive. .. like red patches even if u check ur phone after applying the gel ... When the gel is off its fine!


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