15/08/13 - A New Beginning



So I've (reluctantly) decided to make a blog and post pictures of my current acne situation. Apologies if they're blurry or slightly dark. They'll be better next time once I figure out how to take pictures on my own and find a better spot with consistent lighting. Also, I'd just woken up, so I looked terrible as it was... Anyway, hopefully things will improve over the next 6 weeks, for when I start the 2nd year of uni...

I'm currently 1 week into using BP again (after 9 months of trying to use nothing but a natural face wash). Compared to 1 week ago, admittedly things have improved by quite a bit. But it's really still bad from my POV. The front view is much better than it was, but I hate the side views. I was very, very close to deleting them as soon as I saw them. sad.png I'd much rather avoid mirrors and forget about everything, but hopefully this helps me stay focused...?

Hmm, I don't really know what else to put here. I feel like I can't do anything that I want to. I'm finding that avoiding any exercise/sweating is helping my skin stay calm / not get irritated/red (hopefully making things heal faster), but it's killing me not doing anything.


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