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The Regimen - 6 Month Mark



This post is a bit delayed and was slightly spoiled due to my Estee Lauder foundation review. If you haven't seen that click

It's been a solid 6 months ever since I've started on the Regimen and 1 whole year since I started posting up blogs. Damn, time flies by so quickly. It's one of those things that goes by slower than we want to, faster than realize.

A little less than year ago this was how my skin was on a daily basis.


Lots of pitted scars, small but consistent breakouts and the occasional angry blemish which never failed to show up.

Even with makeup on it looked patchy and all that jazz....still better than nothing.


But now my skin has smoothed out so well...When I first started the regimen I was doubtful, I won't lie.


Now with my makeup on, my skin looks damn nice! I know I still don't have perfect skin but I've gotten my breakouts under control. At least I can fake it pretty well with makeup.

For the first couple of months on the regimen I did experience lots of dry patches. My skin went through phases of dryness and sensitivity. As much as it SUCKED, I kept at it. I stayed really religious on my new skincare routine and next thing I know I'm waking up with fewer and fewer breakouts.

Unfortunately I am still PRONE to breakouts. Stress and new makeup products have shown that my skin is not invincible to breakouts. That's alright though, really - my skin is under control. A breakout or two doesn't phase me even it's a fat painful blemish. I've dealt with worse so if I were to complain it's not really justified.

I love the cleanser. It's so simple and gets the job done. I cannot emphasize this enough - IT'S SIMPLE AND GETS THE JOB DONE. Holy#$@%$ I am so over fancy infused organic crap or cleansers which reek of perfume. I don't need my face to smell banging, I need it to be cleansed without agitating my already irritated skin.

At night I love using my Olay Pro X with this. At first when I started the regimen I stopped using my Olay Pro X since I was going to follow it to a T. After I noticed my skin clearing up, I decided to risk it and use it at night. Turns out it worked out very well, giving my skin that extra gentle scrub I was wanting so badly. At certain points of the regimen my skin was so flaky so the extra exfoliation helped greatly.

I swear the star of this kit is the 2.5% BP. Like I've mentioned in my past posts, I use to only use BP as a spot treatment so I was hesitant to use it as an all over face treatment. I slowly worked up to a pump and a half a night. During the day I only use a pea sized amount since it just takes too long to soak in. I know this doesn't follow the regimen exactly but remember - you know your skin best! Tailor to your preferences.

The moisturizer is as simple and straight forward with the cleanser. When my skin was super dry though I found that adding jojoba oil actually broke me out. Yes I breakout from straight up jojoba oil, I don't know exactly why but I promise it does. Anyway I used a supplemental moisturizer on the areas which needed extra oomph until my skin was finally able to get a handle on the BP!

There's was no secret in how this skincare line worked for myself. Being patient took a lot of will power but it paid off. I am aware some of you out there may think my skin wasn't even that bad (referring to the first picture in this post). I think any sort of comparison of who has worst skin needs to stop. The moment you stop comparing your situation with anyone else's will be very liberating, I can tell you that much.

Also, it makes me sad knowing how discourage some of us get. You go on tilt and cut yourself short on so many things - a social life, dating, etc...

I am actually quite introverted. I don't prefer large parties or crowds. Working in retail has made me grim towards the general public so I enjoy staying home in my bat cave. Don't confuse this as me being insecure. If anything, I am a damn confident person. I credit that to the people I do associate with and keep very close. Maybe I am lucky on some level to have run into such awesome people. If I'm put in a social setting, I don't crumble. I'm secure enough where I can hold my ground and not be phased over the state of my skin.

I've privately messaged some of you guys out there with words of encouragement and support. As generic as they may sound, I hope it was still something to reflect.

I cannot say this enough - you are your own worse enemy.

Let that sink in for a moment!

Most of the negative thoughts you assume others are thinking come from your own mind. You'll be damn surprised how many people really do NOT give a $#!^ that you have acne. For those who do judge you and call you out on it then FUCK THEM. No, seriously, why do you try and attribute all your focus on someone so petty and superficial? If you fancy them and they're shallow enough to say things like that... then you should reevaluate your preferences. You deserve better and they sure as hell don't deserve you.

This post is a bit dark. Not one of my perkiest posts but it's okay.

On a lighter note, I'm a firm believer that instagram filters can make anyone look SUPER GOOD. Here's proof.


I rest my case.

P.S.: I figured I'd share this - I've been following a youtuber with the user name ElaineMokk. Click here for her channel. She's on the road to clear her skin like all of us are. I won't spoil anything but she has progress videos and they're entertaining. Props to her, she's is able to joke about her skin and put herself out there in youtubeland.

P.P.S.: Yeah I recycled a lot of my pictures in this post. Please don't sue me. Here's a whale { .__.]

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Thank you for your post. I loved your frankness and it is true- we are our own worst enemy. Glad to see that you have had so much success with The Regime. And I loved your comment about the instagram filters! hahah - So true =)

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not a problem :>! everyone needs a good dose of honesty and reality every once in awhile.

I'm happy the regimen worked out so well too...super surprised. it pretty much checks off in everything I've been wanting in skincare routine! affordable, efficient in design (pumps! not jars etc) and effective! I really can't ask for more than that~

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