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On-The-Spot To Benzoyl Peroxide?



I've been using on-the-spot acne treatment for more than 2 yrs. I now want to switch from on-the-spot acne treatment by Neutrogena to benzoyl peroxide because it's cheaper. Will I see any negative effects when switching? On-the-spot and it works great on my skin, but is so much cheaper. Will my skin react the same way to as on-the-spot?

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I have no idea...My first thought is that maybe Benzoyl peroxide might work better if you apply it to your entire face instead of just on spots. I don't know though, it could be worse too...I like the idea of you saving money so go for it and find out..Peace!

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Well I've been using on-the-spot on my whole face, so I assume's will react the same

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On the spot seems to be working better for me at the beginning but it is waay drier then Dan's BP. That's why I like it better. When I switched to Dans I broke out a little bit again. But as soon as I'm completely cleared I'm going to switch to Dan's and see what happens then because I really don't like the dryness of the on the spot. I will update as soon as this hopefully happens! I've been on the regimen for almost 4 weeks now.

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