Still Having Breakouts After A Year :(



It's been roughly a little more than a year since I started using epiduo and clindamyacin. Now I no longer have insurance so I've been using some epiduo samples that I got from my old derm. Because I don't have insurance, I bought 5% BP wash which I use morning + day. Truth is I'm still so unhappy with my skin, I wouldn't say I have cystic acne but more mild acne like I did before. Im drinking some vitamins like A, E, garlic supplement, ginkgo biloba, & MSM. What am I doing wrong? Too much BP? Or maybe my diet? Please give me any suggestions. Thank you.


What state/country do you live in? Your bio is all "not telling". I ask you this because you should be able to apply for public health care in most states in the U.S. Short of that, I don't really have any advice for you except keep using benzoyl peroxide because it works. Good luck!

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