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Quick Updates & A Question



Hey guys! Hope you're all doing dandy. Anyway just wanted to say I'm in the process of getting a post up about my 6 month mark (on the regimen). I also have two foundation reviews coming up as well for two pretty popular foundations - Estee Lauder Double Wear & Tarte Amazonian Clay foundations. I had to get some things done with those guys...long story but I'll tell you about that some other time.

And in case you felt like being snoopy, feel free to follow me on instagram! Care to guess my user name?


Lots of pictures of food so if you're not into that, SORRY BRO.

On a much more serious topic - I've been debating if I should move...as in making a blog on wordpress or blogspot. I try my best to keep all my posts skincare related when posting here. The pros of moving to wordpress or blogspot means that I can ramble about anything. The cons are pretty much that my posts no longer reach my target audience. When I post anything here, it pretty much guarantees a couple of hits/views. What do you guys think? Should I keep my blogs hosted here or move them?

That's all I wanted to share and ask! See you guys later~

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i feel the same way. I love blogging but sometimes I want to talk about different things. Acne.org is really only for acne related/skin care topics. I don't know if you should move or not. Maybe do both? I really like your posts. Especially the ,make-up reviews. After a major heart break I am planning to start dating again and need a good foundation. I am one of those who fear make-up but reading your blog has made more comfortable with the idea.

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aw I'm glad my posts have been a nice read for you :D makeup isn't a scary thing at all and it's normal to feel a bit hesitant about something you're not familiar with.

I suppose I could starting posting here AND on the alternate blogging site. It's not like I'm going totally out of my way to copy and paste my own stuff hahaha

I don't plan on making blogging a super regular thing for me but I do fancy the idea of being able to ramble about whatever I what.

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