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The Regimen; Day 1



So excited to finally try out the regimen. I ordered the cleanser, treatment, and moisturizer from (I already have some jojoba oil) and I just finished washing, cleansing, and treating my skin. Because I've only applied the system once, I can't really talk about the effectiveness yet. I can however, talk about everything else. The time it takes to finish with the entire process is around 40 minutes. I'm thinking that I'll have to take that time into consideration when I do the regimen in the mornings before class. I have a feeling I'll have to become very deft at this if I ever want the regimen to feel natural in my daily routine. Non of the products leave residue on the skin which is very relieving to find out (I've bought benzyol peroxide from drugstores before and all the brands I've tried never really sink into the skin. Instead, they sit on top and when you apply anything else over it, it peels off sort of like glue does from your fingers when it dries). None of the products leave a lingering smell and they seem to compliment each other well. The amount of benzyol peroxide I used today was the amount it takes to cover the tip of my index finger. If my skin seems alright tomorrow morning, I will use this amount both morning and night.

P.S: I am currently on my 8th day of the regimen and have kept a daily log about my progress. Today, I am transferring everything to this blog. I'll continue to update here.

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