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Back Pain!



Last time I wrote about the obnoxious pimples that were surfacing out of nowhere, and luckily they went away quite quickly except for the monster on my forehead that I kept picking fault, I know.

So during my Absorica journey, I've been following other peoples blogs, Instagrams etc. and I kept reading about how people have had horrible back pain but never understood what they meant because I never had it. I chalked it up to me only being on it for 2 months and figured the worst had yet to come...

Well HELLO BACK PAIN. I had a horrible stomach virus the past two days, which I'm sure attributed to the symptoms, but for the past two days I have had the worst back pain. I imagine that this is what it's like to be pregnant. I constantly feel the need to crack my back, which doesn't help and have been sleeping and lounging with a heating pad on my back with the hopes of loosening it up. I also had a fever and the chills with my virus which confined me to my bed for two days, which is why I thought my body hurt in the first place. However, I've been up and walking around all day and I still can't shake this horrible feeling, even Aleve hasn't helped.

Anyone have any issues like this? Does it go away?

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