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Makeup Overkill - What Do You Think?



How much is too much? What is a reasonable amount? 1 of each type of item (example: 1 foundation, 1 lipstick, 1 blusher…etc). If you have a lot of drugstore items, having a bigger collection is more justified than having a big collection of high end items due to cost?

Thanks to a youtuber I follow (ID: PinkSoFoxy; real name Christine), I cleaned out ALL of my makeup a few months ago. She posted various de-cluttering videos. I like watching people make hauls and reviews just so I know what to eyeball when I’m out and about but WTFFF…some of these girls (mostly girls anyway!) seem to keep hoarding more and more makeup every or so week. Holy crap, don’t even get me started on the makeup collection videos. Okay I’m nosy and I enjoy watching them but for some videos I feel like I’m swimming in a sea of makeup. I can understand if you have a HUGE collection if you’re someone like Temptalia (whose name is also Christine, her JOB is to review makeup). Temptalia has a huge collection, more of an archives to refer to and whatnot. That’s understandable…but what the heck are you doing with one whole drawer full of 30+blushers with the next drawer full of 50+ lipsticks when you’re like 18? huh.png

I KNOW I SOUND LIKE A HATER. I did go through a phase of really enjoying having such a huge collection. My collection never went as far as dedicating one whole dresser to makeup but having 2 full levels in my dresser for makeup really disgusted me. Watching PinkSoFoxy’s videos made me snap out of this whole mindset of consumerism which seems to be raging the majority of beauty oriented people in youtubeland. I WAS a hoarder; I bought things because I could, not because I loved them to death and would use them.

I sifted through all my makeup and forwarded them to new homes (yay for friends hahaha). After cleaning out my collection I felt so relieved banana.gif . I know, such a weird thing to feel for getting rid of like 80% of my makeup that I bought with my own cash but I was so overwhelmed! Why would I use a product for the sake of using it up over products that I ACTUALLY loved? Doesn’t make sense to me!

I understand makeup is a hobby for many, I would even consider it one of my hobbies! But personally there was a limit and I went past it. Let me share with you guys how I keep myself under control hahaha!

For starters, I store 75% of my makeup in an organizer I picked up at ikea. Take a look.


Oh let me label if for you!


Do you see where my blushes are lined up? I CAN’T FIT ANYMORE…and that’s fine with me. I keep myself under control by how much space is available. If there was room for another blusher then by all means, I’d allow myself to add another one to my stash. As you can see, I’m almost capped at my lipstick space.


Just another view. To give you some perspective, my previous makeup collection took up SIX of these organizers PLUS space all over my vanity and on the extra space OUTSIDE of the organizers. Oh my god, I was gross LOLS…

Okay the rest of my makeup is on top of my vanity since they are things I reach for every day.


Foundation, primer, concealer, black eyeliner, bronzer, setting powder are permanently chilling at the top of my vanity along with…


My large eyeshadow pallets! I keep them in a stack at the top so they’re within view all the time. Actually, the hello kitty one gets stashed away next to my ikea organizer since it's not a really a neutral palette.


This hello kitty palette was a limited edition holiday palette. The ONLY reason why I got suckered into this was because…it’s freaking hello kitty HAHAHA. I KNOW. I’m such a freaking kid. Anyway this has COLORS for me to use for those what-if-I-need-a-blue-eyeshadow moment…just in case.


I am a die hard for neutral palettes…as you can tell.


These are the newest pallets to my arsenal. I kinda went berserk with the baremineral eyeshadow pallets. I haven’t snowballed myself into buying anything else because I’ve actually been yearning to get that Estee Lauder eyeshadow duo along with that bareminerals quad. The gold bareminerals palette is a newly released limited edition neutral eyeshadow palette.

I know some of you guys may be judging me and others maybe giving me props for cleaning out my collection. At the end of the day, I am FINALLY content, satisfied, and happy with what I have to use and the quantity. It’s enough variety for me but I’m not drowning in my collection.

I am aware some makeup products have shelf lives. I read somewhere that powders have the longest lifespan with creams only lasting for like a year before they supposedly go rotten. Lipsticks fall somewhere in between. For the record, I take care of my items and I don’t share my makeup so until my lipsticks start looking funky or smell like ass, I’m keepin ‘em!

So how do I make sure everything in my collection gets some love?

Blushers – Never use one color more than two days in a row.

Eyeshadow – I fall in love with certain eyeshadow combinations and become attached but I always use a combination from DIFFERENT palettes. My eyeshadows are rarely ever done from ONE palette. It might be a wombo combo of a single shadow+another color from a palette etc.

Lipstick/Lipgloss – This one is a bit tricky. My nude/pink colors get more love since their everyday color friendly. I make sure to grab a different color to throw in my purse/backpack for the day before I walk out the door. I have maybe 2 brighter pinks/corals with 2 red lip colors for…you know…vegas HAHAHHA.

How do I justify buying a particular item?

IS IT ON SALE? – check!

Example: I bought my blush and nude eyeshadow palette from TheBalm when they had a 50% OFF SITE WIDE sale. You read that right, FITTY.FREAKING.PERCENT. I’ve been checking their stuff out for so long so I took advantage of the opportunity.


Example: Sephora has 15%-20% off vouchers/promo codes throughout the year and that’s when I re-stock up on my expensive items like foundations. Pay full price? NOT ME!

JUST GOT PAID AND HAVEN’T TREATED YOURSELF IN WHILE? – maybe…HAHA this doesn't sound like as much of a gray area as you may think. You need to treat yourself when you've accomplished something like getting a 4.0 in your spring semester, WHAT UP!

I feel like my makeup collection has the spectrum covered in what I enjoy using. Maybe one day I’ll find myself fitting all my makeup in one cosmetic bag….who knows! At least I love every item in my stash. I hope this was insightful or at least enjoyable to read. I love makeup but I don’t want to go overboard like some sick maniac.

Speaking about makeup...

Someone messaged me letting me know that my pictures used for my Kat Von D foundation doesn’t make me look natural! Wahhh okay I’LL PROVE YOU WRONG SIR/MA’AM/PERSON. (I’m not offended, I just really love this foundation LOLS).

Click HERE and HERE

These pictures were from a wedding a few weeks ago. I freaking packed on that foundation and it turned out damn well! The first picture shows how the makeup lasted through 20 million courses of food and running around to find more food HAHAHHA! They won't show up in this blog post because you're only allowed a max of 10 images per post or something so I provided links. Anyway see you guys in my next post XD!

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I also love watching hauls and makeup collection/ storage videos on Youtube! But I watch them to find new products and see what other people like! Basically my collection consists of

Foundation: 1 High end and 3 drugstore (that I only use when I run out of my usual, and I have more than one shade of each)

BB Creams: 3- and not a fan of 2.

Pressed Powder: 3-all in different shades

Loose Powder: 2- both in different shades

Translucent Powder: 1 high end, 1 drugstore

Face Primers: 3 high end

Eyeshadow Primer: 1 high end, 1 drugstore

Concealers: 2 high end, 3 drugstore

Highlighters: 1 highend, 1 drugstore

Eyeshadow: 2 high end palettes (will buy the Lorac Pro pallet soon), 1 highend trio, and quite a few drugstore

Blush: 5 high end, 2 drugstore

Bronzer: 2 high end

Setting Sprays: 2 high end

Eyeliners: 6 high end, 9 drugstore (all different colors)

Mascaras: 5 high end, 7 drugstore

Lip Products: 4 high end, 12 drugstore

I think this is a pretty decent amount to have choices but not too much makeup. Some of the stuff I have I could throw out but I just cant!

Its ridiculous the amount of makeup some people have! You also have a very nice collection! Also I never buy high end single eyeshadows! I would much rather have a palette! Its also ridiculous that some people buy outrageous colors just to have the every single one! Some of it isn't even wearable!

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oohhh your collection sounds so nice! if you get the chance make a blog post so I can be nosy and snoop around HAHAHA

eyeshadow palettes are definitely the way to go! so cost efficient and every brand has been cranking out so many neutral pallets - makes me so happyy :D I think I only have two high end single eyeshadows...one was a birthday gift and the other was bought on a whim and the color is a very unique golden/copper color I've never seen before.

I don't understand why people buy certain colors when they're so unwearable. oh well beats me .__.

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