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Ready To Give Up On My Skin....




This regimen has done nothing but make my skin wayyyyyy tooo dryyyyy. It literally looks like leather.

And just when I thought my acne was clearing up....THREE HUGE ONES ARE ABOUT TO APPEAR. ONE ON EACH CHEEK AND FOREHEAD. Nothing is fucking working. I am ready to give up. No matter how hard I try I cannot get rid of this horrible shit. I know vanity isn't everything, but everytime I look in the mirror I just want to cry. I feel so ugly and disgusting. I look like I have a disease.

I am spending about $80 on vitamins, that I just ordered online (bc I rarely want to leave the house with my fugly face).....and then more $$$ on healthy food at the grocery store tomorrow. SO for the next 3 weeks I am seriously changing my diet. NOOOO MORE BREAD.

I have 3 weeks to look presentable for my vacation. 3 WEEKS.

Sorry for this over dramatic and psycho post. Just needed to vent.

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What regimen are you using and when did you start? Sometimes, they can be drying at first and your skin can purge and get rid of oil/dirt in your pores while it acclimates to the medicine. I really like the regimen I'm on and I've tried almost everything, so if you want me to tell you what I'm using I can!

Don't give up. It will get better. You can do it!

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Try cutting dairy out, every time I eat a half gallon of ice cream I break out, ( I know it's not healthy to eat a half gallon ) also get the aha+ fast. Are u on the regimen? When in doubt use more bp like a thick fingers length, and always 2 pumps of moisturizer, don't skimp and be gentle. You'll be fine Ps mix half aha+ and half moisturizer ASAP every night

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Try cutting out peanuts and peanut butter if you eat them often, they might be contributing if you get cysts.

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<sigh> i feel your pain... you are not alone!!! are you using dan's regimen?? i've currently been trying it and have been super dry and flaky on it. jojoba oil mixed in with my moisturizer has really been helping. it's frustrating because i keep getting cysts... i think they are horomonal and there's nothing i can do to stop them. i can't use retin-a because i'm trying to get pregnant, but for me, the combination of retin-a and duac (benzoyl peroxide/clyndamycin blend) helped tremendously. it took 2 months or so to work, but using the retin-a at night and duac in the morning or using them alternating nights kept me 98% clear. the only thing that kept me 100% clear was accutane... my personal opinion is that ultra low dose accutane every 3-5 years work works best because even on accutane no matter how much they upped the dosage, my acne always came back.

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God! That's exactly how I feel now! 2 years back I had a crystal clear face and now it look like a battlefield after World War III. Oh god, please put an amazing cure into the head of a scientist who is hunting a cure for acne so he can publicize it!

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