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Accutane Day 15!



So yesterday marked two weeks on accutane! So far nothing too crazy has happened. One thing is weird though and I'd really like some thoughts on it. The second day I started accutane I was swimming and when I got out and went inside to go to the bathroom I was bleeding. I thought that was kinda weird. I bled the rest of the day like a normal period. It stopped for a couple days and I then forgot to take a birth control pill and the next day I started bleeding ( which always happens when I miss a pill) it stopped bleeding a couple days later but then I started to bleed again out of no where. It's like a constant period. And now I'm at the end of my pill packet so I'm about to start what should be my actual period. I don't get what's going on?? Why won't I stop bleeding?

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I could call your dermatologist asap! Maybe it's affecting your birth control and/ or hormones?

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Have you had a bad initial breakout so far? I'm getting more and more nervous about starting accutane right before school and breaking out like crazy

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That's what I was wondering too.. I've looked it up online and the only thing I can find is complaints about not getting their period, none like mine! And so far I'm not breaking out that bad. It's just like a normal break out for me, I think the worse part is how dry my skin is getting because its starting to get flakey.

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