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Day 14: Week Two Progress Pics

I have to say, I'm having trouble seeing any difference in my skin. There was hope for a while, but now it seems like it's back to the way it always was. Here's Week 2 from the "What To Expect" section on the Regimen page:

1. Further clearing, followed perhaps by a breakout. The breakout clears more quickly than usual. Skin is slightly less red and irritated. Red spots from old acne linger.

2. Clearing, followed by a breakout. Skin is still red, irritated and itchy. Person is considering other options.

I definitely cleared and then broke out. I feel like my skin is closer to the second experience, since it's so sensitive. It is clearing up though, slowly but surely. At least this possibility is mentioned. It makes me feel like there's still hope. Maybe.

I bumped up the amount of BP today, and my skin is stinging with the moisturizer/sunscreen again, but not intensely. Hanging in here.

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