Hey everyone-

I wanted to document my experience with spironolactone, but first I want to give a little background info about myself. I have had perfectly clear skin my entire life, until I turned 19, and started breaking out in cysts on my cheeks. I'm 20 now, so its been about a year of this hell. I don't usually have a lot of cysts and one time, but the cysts I do get don't go away and they are huge! My derm thinks it could be related to an ovarian cyst that was found on my left ovary that is causing a hormonal imbalance.

Things I have tried:

-Retina A (cream and gel)


-Loestrin Birth Control

-Doryx (Doxycycline-oral)

-Minocycline (oral)

-Paleo Diet (which I still am on)

None of the above have even shown the slightest bit improvement for my skin. I really don't want to go on accutane so spironolactone is my last resort! I hope it works!


I don't have a cyst on my ovary (that I know of), but I had the same thing happen. I turned 19 and I suddenly had cysts on my cheeks that were like welts. It took me 2 years different treatments until my doc prescribed me spiro. I'm 100mg a day and it's worked really well for me. I've been on it for 2 years now and had some break outs, but NOTHING like it used to be. I'm also less oily. So I'm hoping it will work for you!! It was my last resort as well and it did the trick.

Keep us updated!

PS I sort of documented my experience if you want to look at it... not sure if it's even helpful haha.

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yayyy thanks, that gives me hope! i definitely think randomly breaking out in cysts at 19 has a lot to do with hormones because we are past the age of puberty and what else could it be? i have a lot of hope that spiro will work for me because i think i have a lot of symptoms of a hormonal imbalance (acne, irregular/heavy periods, awful cramps, hair, etc.) Im currently on day 8 of 25 mgs and so far so good, but probably way to early to tell anyway. I dont even care if spiro doesnt stop the pimples, as long as it stops the CYSTS (which i have heard most of the time it successfully does) Anyway, im really happy spiro worked out for you. your face looks flawless btw! congrats

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