Day 107



I fucked up and missed my window to get my prescription, but since I'd been skipping some doses the month before I still had 22 days worth of medication. This means I've been taking 1 30mg dose every other day, and it doesn't seem to be negatively affecting me. My skin looks pretty amazing-- at least compared to the hideous mess it once was! I feel more confident, I'm socializing more, and I'm also going back to school. Accutane has been a life saver, and it annoys me that people who've had bad experiences with it want to ban it for everyone! We should all be able to at least get a chance to see whether or not it works for us, and if it'd been banned I'd still be in the same place I was last year. <3 my doctor for not writing me off like the other ones, and for actually properly diagnosing my situation. I will make sure to spread this message to others, and hopefully those of you on this journey have good results as well! surprised.gif


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