From: Huge Pores Around The Nose Area And Cheeks(Also,some On Forehead) - Are They Scarred?with Pictures.




these are what i feel are huge pores.they look like enlarged hair pores and i can actually see tint hairs in them.

they are there around my nose area and cheek.some slightly smaller ones on my forehead.

picture :

does this look like huge pores to u?OR are they scarred pores?

i am encircling the few pores which looks like scarred pores.are they?


do u have such pores?

i have a feeling that they have become noticeable after i went on accutane(about 6-7 mnths ago;my dosage was less & not foo long)

any idea if this could be possible?

any idea how these could be treated?

i use : salicylic acid foaming facewash(1% and pH balanced) twice daily before and after,

i wash my face without cleanser (JUST SPLASH WATER) about 3 times through out the day - for instance before application of topical gel or after dancing/exercising etc.

also,apply faceclin gel(clindamycin + nicotinamide) as spot treatment on bumps etc




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