Horrible Back Acne. Chest Skin Problems. Losing Hope :(



Long story short.

My face is ok. A few blemishes, some milia around eyes and chin, a few post inflammatory marks, I have a regimin for the face andit works good. Back acne and chest been battling on and off for 7 years. This year was the worst. Severe scarring on back and moderate on chest, hypotrophic scarring on chest along with cysts, inflamed cysts on back along with thousands of dark deep disgusting scars. Have tried every thing , I don't go out, I don't excercise, I don't go swimming because of my disgusting conditon. No dates, will never be able to live my life with this persisting. Along with all my other problems I have to deal with this. I hate looking in the mirror. I have such a beautiful face and so many talents and things I want to pursue but I can't beacause of this disease. Pictures are attached. Dont puke by the way I have gone to doctors and esthetic spas and no body cares wants to help me

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I can't see the pics but my first thoughts are antibiotics and hibiclens. For an antibiotic. I would try cephalexin aka keflex. It is particularly effective against P.acnes, the bacteria that causes acne. Hibiclens is a skiin cleanser that kills bacteria. I had a doctor prescribe it for a swollen cyst under my arm pit. After ten days the cyst disappeared. You can buy it at Target,CVS, and Walgreens. Walgreens has a generic version containing the same active ingredient as Hibiclens which is chlorhexidine gluconate. It kills a wide spectrum of bacteria on skin. I use it on my chest and back to prevent breakouts. Surgeons use it to scrub in for surgery. It is also used to prepare skin before incisions. It works! Goodluck!

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