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Dejaclairevoyant's Take On Grains/balanced Diet And Triggers(From: No Probiotics For Months--Totally Clear!)




i have always maintained that 'eating a balanced' diet and exclusion of only triggers is the best thing!

but there are some here who restrict a lot more(say no carb/extremely low carb/no grain at all or even no fruits/only raw etc) and i wish i could tell them its not a long way and its not good at the end.

balanced diet it is!

congratulations once more!

cheers mate!

Thanks! smile.png Yeah I was definitely one of the extreme ones for far too long. NO extreme diet is the way and NO extreme diet can be upheld healthily for years and years. Being grain free was great on my system at first, (It's always nice to lighten up your diet to a more cleansing one for a SHORT time) but my mistake was thinking that was the way humans were meant to eat--which really wasn't true. After years of no grains, my system was more messed up than when I started. After about a year and a half I was tested and my cholesterol was rising fast... I then talked to my friend who is a registered dietician and she told me about a study on grain-free diets. Some of the people in the study were eating a balanced diet, others were eating grain free. They couldn't even complete the study because the people on the grain free diets had their cholesterol shoot up so fast that they considered it DANGEROUS to continue! Grains do something to balance our cholesterol and that's why they are important to include in our diets in moderation.

I'm anxious to get my cholesterol tested again soon and see if it has gone down since I've started eating grains again.

care to read the the source post.

she's written about her trigger and her right use of probiotics.the disadvantages if not done the right way!


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