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S davina


Okay so I'll just start from the beginning. It's been a couple of months that both my ears are clogged up. About 2 months ago I had an ear infection, I went to the doctor and he looked in my ears and said they were so blocked he couldn't see the infection. He gave me anti biotics and said after 10 days of use go get your ears syringed. I took my anti biotics, pain was gone out of the ear but I never went to get them cleaned. My skin started not long after that, cyst had appeared right next to my left ear (my worst ear) but I thought nothing of it.. Gradually my acne got worse and worse and worse which led ir what it is now. I bet it's been a long time me ears are clogged probably more then 3 months. I couldn't find anything online regarding acne and wax .. Al though my dachas been telling me it might be my ears. Last night I thought I'd look one more time. And found something asking a question on the health board "does wax cause acne" he said his skin started to heal after getting his ears syringed when his skin was at its worst. Someone replied " your skin is trying to get rid of mucous that has built up and does this via ears, skin and eyes. If your ears are blocked up then your body has to get rid of the mucous via your skin mainly, thus flare up". I found this very interesting seeing as my skin blew up soon after my ears started giving me problems. I'm still breaking out, could this be why? I haven't taken the time to get my ears cleaned because all I was thinking about was my skin skin skin. But hey, this could be something ? I've started with the drops which you need to do a week before and then I'm making my appointment to get them cleaned. Any thoughts on this? I can't find anything on the Internet. Sorry for the long read!

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Sounds plausible that the wax could be purged through the pores. Creepy...lol glad you are taking care of it. STAY PEACE!

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