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Week 13: Day 86 Pictures And Updates!

Another week on Accutane.

I've had a lot of dryness on my hands that doesn't seem to want to go away easy. I have a prescription cream from my dermatologist that I use at morning and night and when I remember, I moisturize with CeraVe Moisturizing Cream.

I feel like my biggest problems right now are around my mouth. I've had a cold sore, some bumps and my lips are as dry as ever. However, the cold sore from two weeks ago is pretty much gone and I'm waiting for the bumps beside my mouth to go away.

I've been using Apple Cider Vinegar on my chest as much as I can remember to put it on before going to bed. I do think it does help fade the acne there, but I haven't been using it everyday, so the results probably aren't as dramatic as they should be.

My 4th month appointment is next week and holy crap - I can't believe I'm actually going into the 4th month! I think I've seen some progress on my back, but as a I post on here every week, it is very slow.

Here's this weeks pictures:



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Hello! I just started Accutane 9 days ago and can you believe my lips are already starting to dry. But I wanted to share that I found Blistex Moisture melt works WONDERS! Good luck :)

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